A Special Thank You to Chief Mike Koval as He Announces His Retirement

Over the last 15 months, there have been countless people in this community who have provided our family with extraordinary support since the passing of our son, Dominic. Among them, the emergency personnel who surrounded our family during the most difficult days we could imagine – including Madison Police Chief, Mike Koval.

Chief Koval came into our lives through a chance enounter when Dominic met Chief Koval at a children’s expo and proudly proclaimed to him that he wanted to be a police officer. Months later, it was Chief Koval who was by our side in the moments, days, and months after we lost our son. His tremendous compassion is second to none.

From making Dominic an honorary police officer to providing a police Honor Guard for his funeral; from staying connected with us to ensure we had the support we needed, to joining in our work as we started Dominic’s Ripple and the several fundraising efforts we undertook (raising money for a working dog for the police department as well as helping us with our yearly school supply drives for underserved students at our local elementary schools), Chief Koval was an unwavering rock of support.

Now, as Chief Koval announces his retirement, we want to thank and honor him for everything he has done: for this community, for his department, for the countless families he’s worked with over decades of service, including our own. His leadership, dedication, grace, and faith by which he conducted his career touched many lives. We can’t thank him enough for the impact he has made on those around him through the years and wish Chief Koval and his family all the best as they begin this exciting new chapter.

Congratulations, Chief Koval – Thank you for truly being the ripple!


The Family of Dominic May